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We are comprised of Full Members, Support Members and Auxiliary Members

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Be of good character. Who is a Veteran of a Foreign War, "combat". The ONLY Acceptable proof for membership to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is a copy of one's DD 214 or Official Military Personnel File or officer/enlisted record brief which must be surrendered to the NBOD for verification.  Own and operate a motorcycle with an engine displacement of 500cc or greater. Pay an annual dues fee of $10 for the period of 1 July to 30 June the following year. Possess a valid motorcycle endorsement. Submit application through a Full Member of the CVMA® who has held a membership for not less than one year.


Must be of good character.  Must own and operate a motorcycle of 500cc or greater.  Maximum number of support members will not exceed 10% of total CVMA® full Combat membership.  Support members must be a veteran of the United States Armed Forces.  Support members will read and abide by all CVMA by-laws applicable to them.   Support Members are required to have either ridden a minimum of 3000 miles with their sponsor, attended three CVMA events or be known by their sponsor for a minimum of six months.



Be of good character. Be a spouse, widow, or widower of a Full Member in good standing. Support the efforts of ALL branches of the United States Armed Forces and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. Pay an annual dues fee of $10 to the CVMA Auxiliary Unit for the period of 1 July to 30 June the following year.

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